IoT Solutions for Managed Services


  • A Smart Platform for Smart Home Automation

    AXON Platform for Networking serves as mission control for premium-connected home services, offering real-time communication, notification and control.

  • The Media Is the Message

    Time. Data. Bandwidth. Delivery. AXON Platform for Media enables high-quality delivery of broadband data, voice and video services by managing quality-of-service for the best user experience anywhere on your network.

  • Leveraging IoT for Smart Energy Management

    AXON Platform can automate, manage and control lighting along streets and around large, industrial buildings. This helps the business keep its facilities safe, secure and energy efficient.

  • It’s 10am, Do You Know Where Your Dog Is?

    Asset tracking with AXON Platform for Mobile extends the IoT beyond the smart home and into the real world, enabling you to track your pet or manage your things remotely, across the cell network.