Greenwave Systems Partners with IoT for Broadband Forum

October 23, 2018 • Brent Haas

BERLIN – Oct. 23 2018 – Greenwave Systems Inc.®, the global software leader for managed services, today announced its flagship offering, AXON Platform®, will be the first in the industry to provide IoT access via a new application service protocol created by the Broadband Forum (BBF) known as the User Services Platform (USP). As a leading contributor in the development of USP within the BBF, Greenwave Systems will fully support USP. The new USP protocol provides a number of significant benefits, including providing an industry-standard and uniform way to manage, monitor and upgrade connected IoT devices, while enabling service providers to generate new revenue streams from application services.

Greenwave Systems will be performing a live demo of the BBF/USP protocol with telecommunications equipment manufacturer, Arris and IP network testing provider, QA Cafe at Broadband World Forum in Berlin, Germany from October 23 through 25.

“By participating in IoT standards development, Greenwave Systems is cementing its leadership in shaping the future of the industry,” said Tim Spets, senior IoT systems and standards architect at Greenwave Systems. “As a universal translator, the AXON Platform’s unique design will help the BBF/USP protocol to bridge the communication divide between the various IoT standards and protocols.”

The USP standard is a next generation device management protocol that supports access to network-connected IoT devices via application services in cloud or mobile architectures. Designed with flexibility, security, and interoperability, USP protocol will enable the conversion of consumer broadband networks into a platform for the management of next-generation applications and services.

Predicated on its powerful automation engine, the AXON Platform presents service providers with a robust IoT management infrastructure and simplified access to connected devices. Through advanced management tools, the AXON Platform will also bolster the BBF/USP protocol with the capabilities of quickly deploying products, effectively monitoring device life-cycles, and decreasing costs associated with unplanned downtime.

The AXON Platform seamlessly translates communication from any device in the network into a common IP-based language, enabling the creation of managed services. Tackling the biggest challenges in IoT, the AXON Platform provides a comprehensive solution enabling customers to incorporate real-time visual edge analytics for data monitoring.

Live Demo at Broadband World Forum

To learn more about USP Protocol, visit Greenwave Systems at Broadband World Forum: Booth #FA9

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