WAVELY Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE)

April 26, 2018 • Peter Christensen

Welcome to WAVELY: The future of commercial/enterprise/industrial IoT connectivity is now mobile

Many people are familiar with the importance of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Digital Twins in the maturation of IoT architectures and business models: Our AXON Platform® was built on the power of these concepts. We abstract-away the complexity of hardware and represent real things in code so that they can be individually and collectively directed and advanced for purpose — so that networks can bring forth managed services. Just before Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, we introduced our new WAVELY service to the mix, bringing a whole new set of capabilities to our platform defined as mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) technology. With WAVELY, we’ve combined a software-defined mobile network’s core services and IoT/M2M connectivity with the AXON Platform to deliver a truly comprehensive end-to-end network infrastructure solution.

WAVELY initially targets businesses that wish to simply and rapidly on-board devices into either existing or proposed networks and managed-service infrastructures. But its functionality also solves a fundamental issue for any IoT deployment or managed-service architecture — the means by which data enters the overall system. This is a crucial question for any commercial, enterprise, or industrial IoT deployment.

IoT Connectivity
According to Gartner, there will be almost 11.2 billion IoT-enabled devices in operation in 2018, with numbers increasing steadily thereafter; other sources confirm the pattern year-over-year into the future. The total number of devices connected to IP networks is projected to be three times the global population by 2021. Sensors are going to be everywhere generating a huge amount of internet traffic — which is completely natural considering that IoT really isn’t a separate “thing” from the internet. It’s merely a progression representing the next chapter in the evolution of compute. All of these new devices need a means to share data and communicate with the network in order to be useful to us.

But if we’re deploying all these new sensors and devices and their processes and services, what’s the best way to connect them — and to scale that connectivity model into a very crowded future? The truth is that we’re going to need a lot of flexibility and a lot of options, and Greenwave has always embraced connective diversity (Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-wave, Wi-Fi, …). But since mobile Internet traffic has already become dominant, it seemed logical to pay greater attention to its particular opportunities. This is how we became a mobile-virtual-network-enabler (MVNE).

A mobile-virtual-network-enabler (MVNE) must fulfill four value propositions for virtual network operators (VNOs), mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), and anyone else investing in an IoT or managed-service platform: Flexibility, interoperability, security, and scalability. The AXON Platform has had the first three completely covered and future proof from inception. What WAVELY particularly enhances is the ability to use mobile technology to scale.

What kind of scale are we talking about here? How about up to 10 billion devices.

Being GSMA licensed, WAVELY gives us 10 billion unique identifier codes that can be utilized on our networks. We’re able to use subscriber identification module (SIM) technology and apply it to any of these myriad devices coming online as a turn-key solution. As with any modern SIM, the card provides identity, location, network authorization data, individual security keys, authentication, encryption to protect device data integrity, etc. — just like your smartphone. In effect, you scan the QR code for our SIM and away you go — the device is automatically connected to network and brought into the loop with the AXON Platform for all the real-time analytics, visual dashboards, data/service management, and SDN “magic” we supply. From the edge to the cloud, we interconnect the physical world with the virtual. It’s the complete package — a true end-to-end solution.

WAVELY lets us tailor new solutions for multiple industry sectors. We have a full MVNO/MVNE platform, including its own mobile network code, for complete cost-effective control of GSM/LTE traffic that includes voice, data (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, NB-IoT), and MMS/SMS. Furthermore, our model anticipates use cases where only having 2G or 3G connectivity alone won’t be enough to handle IoT requirements. We’re cognizant of the growing adoption of low-power, wide-area (LPWA) and long-range, low-power (LoRa) wireless networks, and we bridge there as well.

Real-time connectivity for any device, simply structured via the most accessible and most-widely-used IP model in existence,

working across any carrier out there. Welcome to the future of software-defined mobile networks, a full end-to-end implementation is now enabled. And welcome to the future of commercial/enterprise/industrial IoT connectivity. It’s now mobile.