Greenwave Systems to Captivate With Internet of Things Demonstration at Smart IoT London

April 4, 2016 • Sarah Mattern

Live presentation of award-winning AXON Platform® abilities


London/Irvine, CA (USA)/Birkeroed (DK), 04 April 2016 – A stone’s throw from the London Eye, the ExCel London convention center is hosting the Smart IoT London conference on 12 and 13 April. And just like the giant Ferris wheel overlooking the British metropolis, the AXON Platform®, from software expert and managed services provider Greenwave Systems, has an eye on everything in the Internet of Things (IoT). At Stand T280, Greenwave will demonstrate how the platform translates various protocols into a standard language, enabling cross-manufacturer concepts. Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn about AXON™ for Mobile IoT – a module extension that unites mobile IoT and residential IoT networks into a single, fully manageable network service.

AXON is a horizontally designed software platform capable of translating the communication of various IoT devices into the same standard IP-based language. This allows central control of different connections, protocols and standards, such as ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, 6LoWPAN, Bluetooth, LTE and more, on one single platform. In this context, AXON can be operated as a gateway or in the cloud, making it well-suited for the provision of services in the areas of home automation and monitoring, security and surveillance, assisted living and media management. In addition, applications from third-party manufacturers can easily be integrated into the platform via modules and API interfaces.

Jim Hunter, Chief Scientist and Technology Evangelist at Greenwave Systems

Jim Hunter, Chief Scientist and Technology Evangelist at Greenwave Systems

One Platform for all services

Look no further than AXON for Mobile IoT: The platform allows mobile carriers, telecommunications providers and service providers to unite all respective mobile and residential IoT networks into a single, fully manageable network service. At Smart IoT London, Greenwave representatives will illustrate just how this is achieved. In addition, Jim Hunter, Greenwave’s Chief Scientist and Technology Evangelist, will give a presentation entitled “If Things were People, Too” (Smart Platforms Theatre, 12 April, 16:30 – 16:55). Within the presentation Jim suggests a perspective shift to help make the story of IoT easier to tell: simply by considering a “thing” as a person, or specifically, an employee, then a myriad of scenarios involving the lifecycle of a thing become much more clear. This discussion will focus on these and other considerations around a platform that allows “people-fication” of things.

For more information on the AXON Platform and AXON for Mobile IoT, visit the Greenwave Systems website.

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