Realizing the promise of IoT: 360° Engagement

November 14, 2014 • Jim Hunter

2014 has shaped up to be an exciting year in IoT as established brands across multiple sectors are embracing the Internet of Things (IoT). That said, capitalizing on new business opportunities in the IoT space requires speed of light innovation that resolves the unique challenges of providing managed services as a repeatable (and profitable) business model. These challenges provide a call to action for industry leaders to find new and better ways of supporting the vast and evolving IoT ecosystem.

We believe success in IoT requires a fresh approach, one that is customized to a company’s specific product strategy and business goals. So, we designed a software platform and 360° partner engagement model that in combination gives Greenwave customers device-powered real-time data that can then be used to create highly targeted revenue-generating business models.

Our recent Verizon partnership announcement is just another great example of how Greenwave’s 360° engagement model makes it possible for big industry players to become more agile, quickly bringing attractive new IoT products to market. Verizon’s FiOS Quantum Gateway is the first in what will be a family of Verizon/Greenwave co-created products for the Connected Home. Specifically designed to meet the increasing Wi–Fi needs of today’s connected consumer, it is among the most powerful routers in the consumer market. Going forward, we’re excited to be working with Verizon on creating and bringing to market highly personalized and immersive media experiences.

In the end our goal is to create an excellent interactive experience across all the connected devices/things on the home network.

If you’d like to hear more of our thinking on IoT and will be in the Silicon Valley area on November 20, you’re in luck! Nate Williams, Greenwave’s EVP of business development, will dive into the business opportunities afforded by the IoT revolution at the Internet of Things Application USA in Santa Clara. We hope to see you there. If that’s not possible and you’d like to connect with Nate directly, he’d be glad to hear from you @naywilliams or connect with me at @theIoTguru.