From the CMO’s Desk

May 5, 2014 • Nathan Williams

We live in exciting times. Today’s innovations have the ability to change the world at a breadth and pace unprecedented in modern times. Smartphones. Twitter. Wearables. What’s also exciting is the people – working together to advance delivery of these world-changing innovations.

The next big wave in our technological and cultural future includes a world where all devices are connected and working together to improve the lives of consumers and the efficiency of organizations.  This wave is being driven by rapidly declining cost of sensors, widespread network connectivity, and software that ties together the physical and digital elements of our lives. Frequently dubbed “Internet of Things” or IoT, this growing sector offers the potential of making our lives more efficient and enjoyable.

Enabling smart services across all connected devices is a natural promise of IoT, and it’s creating market traction with the connectivity of items such as smart lighting kits, smart meters and smart locks.  This means that markets are being reinvented, allowing brands – whether targeting consumers or businesses – to become service providers and enjoy new ways to connect to their customers, drive additional revenue streams and build customer loyalty.

This transformation comes with risks, however, because these new products and services can overwhelm networks and tax enterprise customer service and support teams. That’s why category-leading brands such as DIRECTV, E.ON and TCP rely on Greenwave.  We solve the hard problems across design, development, management and data analytics to accelerate the process of profitably deploying managed services. Our business is dedicated to helping our partners deliver access so their customers can engage with – and easily control – any device from anywhere, and on any screen.

At Greenwave, we’re driven by the belief that technology can create a world where every connection adds value. Our leadership team hails from the executive ranks of Cisco, Motorola, Google and Apple, and we have deep domain expertise across networking, consumer electronics, media and embedded systems. We’re all about the user experience – whether at home or in the enterprise.

Greenwave was formed five years ago to enable connectivity between smart devices and cloud-based applications. Today we are a software and services technology company behind some of the biggest global brands in the service provider and consumer electronics industries, helping to resolve critical issues across hardware, software and user experience (UX) to create the best IoT experiences possible.

To reflect the value we unlock with our customers, we have changed our company name from “GreenWave Reality” to “Greenwave Systems.” We are also unveiling a new tag line – “Helping you make all the right connections.” That’s exactly what we do for our customers and the millions of connected devices we support worldwide.

If you’d like to better understand what we do, and what’s important to us, I invite you to check out our new website, follow us on Twitter @GreenwaveSys, or chat with us about IoT topics on LinkedIn/greenwavesystems.