Greenwave Reality Named “Nobel Sustainability® Supported Clean Tech Company 2013″

October 24, 2013 • Sarah Mattern

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK: October 24, 2013 – The Nobel Sustainability Trust® awarded GreenWave Reality the “Nobel Sustainability® Supported Clean Tech Company 2013” in recognition for its inventive and effective initiatives and technologies to help consumers manage their energy consumption.

Gustaf Nobel, Chair of Nobel Sustainability Trust, presented GreenWave’s Chairman of the Board and CTO, Martin Manniche with the distinguished honor last night at the Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster Annual Conference 2013 “Cleantech City” in Copenhagen. GreenWave Reality is the third company and first Danish company to receive this recognition.

Nobel Sustainability Trust is a Nobel family embedded initiative aiming to crystalize and extend global awareness and focus on environmental considerations and solutions to ensure ready access to energy for all members of our society whilst ensuring the protection of the Earth.

The recognition “Nobel Sustainability Supported Clean Tech Company” is awarded to companies holding outstanding and scalable technologies enabling an acceleration of the sustainability transition and access to energy for all now. Nobel Sustainability Trust seeks through this recognition to successfully push forward the implementation and awareness of these technologies.

“GreenWave Reality is currently implementing what others are and have been speaking about doing for years within the domain of energy efficiency, energy logistics and awareness. With total and turnkey offerings for private, corporate and institutional energy consumption, as well as open source and standardised platforms for utility and service providers, GreenWave Reality is both providing solutions now and leading the way to the future intelligent smart-houses, smart city and smart grid low consumption and optimized energy landscape. For these reasons we have chosen to reward GreenWave Reality,” declared Gustaf Nobel, Chair of Nobel Sustainability Trust and Søren Kofoed, Operations and Strategy Director and Senior Partner Nobel Sustainability Trust.

The GreenWave Reality Home2Cloud solution engages consumers in their energy consumption by making it visible and manageable. The platform makes it easy and practical to connect and manage all consuming devices to the Internet including electrical appliances, thermostats and LED-lights so they can be easily managed and controlled through a single interface. Users can now see and understand their energy consumption, and utility companies gain improved control of production optimization as they can monitor consumption in real time and more accurately predict peaks and lows in consumption.

“It is a great honor to receive this recognition. It provides great satisfaction and encouragement to continue developing solutions that give consumers an incentive to save energy and provide utilities a new form of engaging content,” said Martin Manniche. “Our award-winning Home2Cloud platform, now further recognized by CCC and Nobel Sustainability Trust, creates a tangible view and management of energy-usage, which tests has shown immediately bring down consumers energy usage.”

About the Nobel Sustainability® Trust

Gustaf Nobel, great grandson of Ludvig Nobel, brother of Alfred Nobel, has together with 3 other Nobel descendants founded the Nobel Sustainability Trust® in order to continue the Nobel legacy, and to pursue the sustainability combat started by the Nobel family more than a hundred years ago. The Sustainability Award, the Sustainable Energy Conference and the Sustainability Funds constitute the main pillars of the Nobel Sustainability Trust®.

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About GreenWave Reality

Founded in 2008, GreenWave Reality empowers consumers to achieve the smart connected lifestyle by delivering personalized information and entertainment, enhanced comfort and savings. GreenWave’s Home2Cloud platform is highly secure and scalable allowing its service provider partners to confidently leverage the broad capabilities of Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine communications to create their own value-added managed services.

In addition, GreenWave offers its own award-winning services including Connected Lighting, Home Monitoring and Energy Management. The company has customers that include leading service providers, lighting manufacturers, and utilities. GreenWave Reality is privately held and headquartered in Irvine, California with offices in Copenhagen and Singapore.

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